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 Liste Voix NTF

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Messages : 200
Date d'inscription : 17/09/2017
Localisation : Derrière toi

Liste Voix NTF Empty
MessageSujet: Liste Voix NTF   Liste Voix NTF I_icon_minitimeMer 13 Mar - 18:32


1731 - SCP-173 spotted!

1732 -SCP-173 spotted!

1733 -Forget about the D! Keep your sight on the statue!

1061 - SCP-106 has been spotted! Running!

1062 - The old man is coming out! Let's get the ♥️♥️♥️♥️ out of here!

1063 - Forget about the D, we gotta run!

1064 - I've spotted SCP-106, run!

0961 - SCP-096 has been spotted! Starting SCRAMBLE gear.

0962 - I've spotted SCP-096. Over.  

0491 - Watch your back, SCP-049 has just been spotted.

0492 - SCP-049 is in the area, keep a lookout.

0493 - SCP-049 is right on top of us, watch your back.

0494 - Plague Doctor has just been spotted, everybody just stay calm.

0495 - Plague Doctor has just been spotted.


random1 - — Hey man, what if we gave some 420-J to that freaky statue thing?

— Why, man, he's like, already stoned.  

random2 - — Did you hear that!?

— Yeah, the big lizard thing is making a huge mess somewhere out there.

random3 - This place seriously gives me the creeps... Let's get over with this quickly.

random4 - — I wonder what will happen after this, man.

— I don't know. Let's just get over with.

Utilitaire :

tesla - Nine Tailed Fox to Сontrol. Requesting the disabling of the Tesla Gate nearest to our position.  

killed1 - Target terminated.

killed2 - I'm glad that's over with.  

killed3 - Class D has been terminated.

stop1 - Stop right there!  

stop2 - Class-D spotted!

stop3 - You, stop!

stop4 - Stop right there!  

stop5 - Hey hey halt!

stop6 - You, stop!  

found1 - Class D found.

found2 - There he is. Start shooting!

found3 - There you are!

found4 - Look, he's over there!  

found5 - Aha! Found the Class-D!

found6 - Oh hey, it's a Class-D!

come1 - Come out, you bastard!  

come2 - Searching for Class D.  

come3 - Come out, you gonna die anyway!  

come4 - Look for him.  

come5 - Come out, you bastard!  

come6 - Jävla helvete, come out!

blink - Blinking

Remise en Confinement

box1 - SCP-173 has been put in the containment box, Taking to containment chamber.

box2 - The statue is in the box. Taking to containment chamber.

box3 - Command, we've boxed up SCP-173. We're moving to its containment chamber now to contain it, out.

cont1 - SCP-173 is in containment chamber. Closing door.

cont2 - The statue is in containment chamber. Closing door.

cont3 - SCP-173 is back in containment. Proceeding to next objective.

cont4 - SCP-173 has been secured in its containment chamber, we're moving on to the next objective. Out.

cont5 - We've reached the containment room of SCP-106.

cont 6 - Initiating the recall protocol..........SCP-106 contain successfully.

cont7 - Someone seems to have already capture SCP-106. Proceeding to the secondary objectives.

cont8 - SCP-106 located.
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Liste Voix NTF
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